As you start to look for building contractors to construct your new home, you might come across some builders who work on volume projects and some who work on custom projects. What's the difference between the two? Which one should you choose?

What Are Volume New Home Builders?

Volume home builders tend to focus on building new homes with certain designs and styles. These contractors or companies might build lots of new houses in any given year.

Volume builders often offer a limited range of design options. For example, a development/building company might have a range of plans that they are happy to use. They might focus on building standard designs without much, or any, customisation.

What Are Custom New Home Builders?

Custom new home builders might not build as many houses as contractors who work on a volume basis; however, they work to your plans rather than their own. Here, you create the plans and designs for the property.

These home builders then create the house you want. While they might offer advice and tips, you choose the exact specifications.

Should You Choose a Volume or Custom Builder?

Your choice here really depends on how you want your home to look and work. If you like the look of a standardised plan for a house, then a volume builder could be a good option. You'll get a cost-effective and fast build.

Contractors who work this way often bring cost savings. They can buy the materials they use on all their houses in bulk because they make the same kinds of builds all the time. Their crews can work faster as they know exactly what they are doing at any stage in the process.

However, a volume builder might not give you all the customisation options you want. If you can customise parts of the build, you might have to pay extra for them. For example, a contractor might offer a range of kitchens in their plan. If they agree to fit a different kitchen for you, then your costs will increase.

If you want more control and choice, then a custom builder might be a better option. You choose exactly how your house will look and work. The builder simply delivers to your specifications. While you might pay more for this kind of build, your new home will exactly meet your needs.

To find out more, contact new home building contractors and ask about their services.