Headstones and markers are something that people generally purchase as part of a funeral pre-planning package or at the time of need. This means that you may be left with a very traditional graveyard memorial. Though this isn't a problem in most situations, you might find that you want something different. When this happens, you can contact stonemasons to help you with the design. Here are some benefits of using stonemasons rather than going with a traditional graveyard memorial or marker.

Stone Options

When you choose a graveyard memorial or marker through a traditional option, such as your local funeral home, you are limited to your stone choices. In fact, many funeral homes may have only a few choices that are limited to the colour of granite or marble stone. When you use a stonemason for the design, you have access to more stone options. This means you can go with a different look, different design or different etching. If you live in an environment that has heavy rainfall or snowfall, your stonemason can also suggest the best stone material for that environment. 

Custom Designs

Many people looking for memorial stones are looking for custom artwork and design. This means having specific engravings and designs etched into the stone. Though you can order this through a specific company that works with your funeral home or director, using a stonemason has several benefits. One of the leading benefits is the mason's ability to work with various stones to create the designs that are unique and handcrafted. This gives you an added bonus to have someone that knows the material and how to work with it rather than having a machine doing the cutting.


A leading concern for many people is the durability of the stone memorial that is chosen. The stones are in the environment at all times. This means they must withstand harsh sun, wind, rain and snow. Though most memorial stones are durable, a benefit of stonemasons is the ability to access stone that can specifically handle your climate and the conditions of that climate. This means you will have a more durable stone that is made for a long-lasting memorial. 

When you are ready to have a graveyard memorial or marker created, contact your local stonemasons. They can help you with the designs you have in mind. They can also answer questions about specific stone materials, engravings and colour engravings if they are available. Keep in mind that depending on the options you order, delivery time may vary.