A building inspection will normally be ordered by someone who is looking to invest in or buy a property. The reason for this is so a potential investor or buyer can establish if the property they are interested in is suffering from any structural instability or damage, an infestation of pest or any other hidden problems. However, having a building inspected by a professional building inspection service isn't only of benefit to a potential buyer, it can also help someone who is looking to sell a property. If you are about to place a property on the market for sale, you should consider the benefits of employing a building inspection service. Below is a brief guide to just a couple of the benefits of doing so.

A building inspection can help to increase the appeal and value of the property

Once a professional service has inspected the building, you will be issued an official document which will declare your property as free from structural defects, subsidence and infestation of pests. You can use this document to encourage the estate agent to increase the asking price for your property. Although a buyer is likely to want to carry out their own inspection of the property before committing to the purchase, presenting them with an inspection document can increase the appeal of your property, as well as their trust in you as a seller. 

A building inspection provides a stronger negotiating position

One of the benefits of having your property fully inspected is that it will make you aware of any problems with your property before you place it on the market. This means you will be in a stronger position when negotiating the sale price of the property and will also have the chance to repair any issues before the sale. If a buyer has the building inspected and uncovers hidden damage, they will be able to drive the price they pay for the property down. A building inspection is a great way of keeping the upper hand during the sale of a property and of avoiding any nasty surprises which could derail a potential sale.

If you are considering selling a property and are interested in having a full building inspection carried out, you should contact a professional building inspection service today. They will certainly be able to answer any questions you may have before carrying out any necessary work.