Making the decision to cut down trees is not often one you take lightly, but, if your trees are diseased or dying, it might be necessary. Before rushing into cutting them down, there are a few things you should do first to prepare.

Practice Safety Precautions

To start with, make sure you are practicing proper safety precautions if you intend to cut down the trees yourself. This begins with ensuring nobody else is going to be in the area when you are cutting down the trees, which includes pets and children. After you have done that, you need to get protective gear for yourself and anyone else who will be working on the trees, including goggles, a hard hat, and sturdy gloves.

Get the Right Equipment

Cutting down trees is not like trimming trees where you can pick up some cutters or a simple saw at your local hardware store. Trees require heavy-duty equipment in order to cut them down properly, especially if they have a thick base. This might include a couple different types of power saws, as well as a stump grinder. Some tree-cutting equipment is rather expensive, so unless you think you will be using it frequently, you should consider renting it instead of buying it.

Decide How to Handle the Stump

After you cut the tree down, you will be left with a large stump. This stump can either remain where it is in your yard, or you can remove it with a stump grinder. However, there are ways to use it and keep it where it is, from turning it into a garden bench or table, to cutting a hole in the middle and actually using it as a natural planter for other plants and flowers. It can become part of your yard's natural landscape.

Rent a Skip Bin

You will also need to figure out how to dispose of the tree, branches, and other debris that come with cutting down a tree. The tree is much too large for a trash bin, so renting a skip bin is the next best thing. You can rent a skip bin that is meant for yard waste and have it parked in front of your house on the day you intend to cut down the trees. When you're done cutting them, move the trees into the skip bin, then call up the bin company to collect it.