The type of material you choose for your exterior door can determine the level of security in your home. Poor-quality materials can leave your home vulnerable to burglary and forced break-ins. As you set out to find the ideal material, you may find various options, from steel to engineered wood and solid timber. Solid timber or natural wood is one of the best materials that you can choose. Although it may not dominate other materials, it has distinct features that make it suitable for an exterior door. Here are some of these features that will help you make the suitable choice for your home.

Greater structural strength

Solid timber is made of whole, intersecting wood grains, and there is an inherent strength that comes from them. Compared to hollow core doors, solid wood doors are more resistant to forced break-ins, and they perform better in increasing the home's security. When choosing the best solid timber for your exterior door, go for strong hardwood species such as oak and redwood.

Resistance to wear and tear

Natural wood has a high resistance to wear and tear when properly maintained. Unlike steel which can rust when dented, scratched or exposed to weather elements and corrosive contaminants, solid wood does not corrode easily. As long as it is stained or painted, solid wood can last for years without experiencing structural problems or instability.

Any dents, scratches and other forms of damage on solid wood can be easily fixed through inexpensive repairs. However, in the case of steel, dents are hard to fix and scratches can cause more damage if not fixed properly.

Sound proofing properties

Doors made of solid timber are excellent at blocking out noise as compared to hollow core and steel doors. The reason for this is that the sound has to pass through thick layers of grain; therefore, it is minimised before reaching your home. The material has also been used in interior doors and structures for its sound proofing properties. It is suitable if you don't want to invest in expensive sound proofing materials for your home.

Natural kerb appeal

Solid timber is naturally appealing and beautiful. Different types of wood have different colour shades that can add a rustic look to the exterior of your home. In fact, other types of materials are usually modified using acid stains and etching to achieve the look of natural wood. When stained and finished properly, solid timber can transform the exterior look of your home.

Solid timber doors have various attractive features that make them ideal for the construction of exterior doors. However, they should be constructed by a professional to reduce the chances of exposure to humidity which can cause warping and cracking.